Our Journey


Apply facilitation skills to enhance meeting effectiveness, with a sense of human-touch, at Agile Retrospective Meetings.More.
Began working on social innovation facilitation with local NGOs and Microsoft Corporation.More


Held several large-scale events such as COIL idea jamming and Boot Camp that allowed us to contribute to local HK community. More


We created Learning Lab to provide practice safe and friendly environment. More
Cultivated 10 cultural integration facilitators at Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. More
Held our first learning trip to Malaysia to facilitate Diversity and Inclusion Youth Camp in Malaysia for 80+ youths, with other international facilitation teams. More


Became a legal entity in Hong Kong.
IAFHK supports Shaw College to design and deliver the pre-trip and post-trip workshops of experiential learning of students in the summer and winter programmes. More
Represented Hong Kong to present at the IAF Asia Conference in Mumbai, India.More


Gained official recognition as the Hong Kong Chapter by The International Association of Facilitators.
IAFHK hosted and promoted facilitation events in Hong Kong. More


The Founder of IAF HK, Lilian Wang, started a facilitation cohort group and decided to share her knowledge and expertise regarding the processes of successful facilitation. More