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Build a better Hong Kong through meaningful dialogue

Who we are

Who is the International Association of Facilitators Hong Kong?

The International Association of Facilitators Hong Kong (IAFHK) is an organization that initiates long-term change with members in 65 countries. Since the preparation of establishing the International Association of Facilitators Hong Kong (IAFHK), we have been focusing on developing meaningful dialogues, IAFHK encourages and gathers people from different social background and industries to participate and brainstorm new ideas. We organize sharing workshops, learning labs, community service projects and other activities for participants to gain firsthand knowledge and experiences. We aim to build up the capacity of the local community of facilitators as well as social capital for Hong Kong. If you are interested in facilitation, social development and creating meaningful dialogue, you are most welcome to join us. [Detail]

Ways we give back to the Hong Kong community

Facilitate for : Collaboration in Green Entrepreneurship

In collaboration with the Jockey Club CarbonCare Open Innovation Lab, we build cross-sectoral green entrepreneurship teams to create ideas, widen perspectives and offer solutions to the challenges of climate change and issues of sustainable development.

  • InnoJam
  • Green Innovative Ideas Open Jam Workshop [Detail]
  • Low Carbon Innovation Training Camp [Detail]

Facilitate for :Cross-cultural integration for young generation

In strategic partnership with Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, IAFHK supports Shaw College to launch the Cultural Integration Programme (CIP) to broaden students' perspective in diversity and inclusion. IAFHK facilitators select, train, coach, and assess the group of CIP Facilitators. [Detail]

Facilitate for :Experiential learning of the younger generation

In strategic partnership with Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, IAFHK supports Shaw College to design and deliver the pre-trip and post-trip workshops of experiential learning of students in the summer and winter programmes. Students are facilitated to set their learning goals, as being an individual member, as well as for the group as a whole. IAFHK facilitators also orientate and coach the staff members of Shaw College to deliver the workshops.

Facilitate for :Innovation for good

IAFHK partnered with Microsoft Philanthropies Hong Kong. In February 2018, Microsoft technical experts and 50+ practitioners from social welfare organisations worked together to create more than 200 innovative ideas for applying technology in social services for various groups of stakeholders. Among them, 10 design prototypes were successfully created! IAFHK believes that collaboration among the technological community and the social service community can make an outstanding contribution and create impact to our society. [Detail]

Our form

  • Theme-based Sharing Sessions
  • Learning Lab
  • Food For Thought

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Our Values

Humanity Centered


Diversity & Inclusion