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2018 - 21st IAF Asia Conference - Osaka, Japan

2018 - 21st IAF Asia Conference - Osaka, Japan

Hi IAF Hong Kong Friends and Fans,

Be super aware of the IAF Asia Conference in Osaka. This will be one of the most sought-after events of this year. Since its announcement (in 2017), many HK (and other places') IAF friends already marked our calendar and annual leave because it is well known that Japanese team is very organised and FUN (for those who attended any of the IAF Asia conferences in the last couple of years, you know what I mean when you saw them dance and enjoy themselves!)

And some inside stories.... This year, there are OVERWHELMING applications for the pre-conference and concurrent sessions by facilitators all over the world. The organising team had a challenging time to select them! The announcement for the conference details shall be coming out by approximately end of May and registration shall be then followed (maybe end of May or beginning of June).

And it has been widely known that there will be a limit for the # of delegates for optimising the conference experience (I think the organisers had already heard how much people wanna join this conference!)

What is more, there will be a limited # of early bird. So HK friends, when the announcement comes out for the conference (and especially for the early bird), go for it.

Umeda Campus, Kansai University

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