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CarbonCare Innovation Boot Camp

CarbonCare Innovation Boot Camp

The #IAFHK team was very grateful to have the opportunity to facilitate 2-day-1-night Boot Camp for 56 HK Green entrepreneurs with #COIL (CarbonCare Open Innovation Lab) over the past weekend.

In 2015-16, IAFHK had a one-year meaningful Strategic Partnership with The Chinese University of HK Shaw College. During this year, we created awareness of facilitation among university students and trained 15 students about foundational facilitation.

Now in 2017, #IAFHK continues to commit another year of facilitation project with COIL, a social enterprise, focusing on green innovation in HK. Our goal is to provide abundant practice opportunities for our fellow IAF members, while contributing to the HK community via creating more meaningful dialogue through facilitation.

In this Boot Camp, our 15-strong facilitator team leveraged on the spirit of Open Space Technology and ICA's Participatory Strategic Planning and danced with the constant change : )

Our practical aims were to

- turn 56 individuals who hardly knew each other and facilitate them to become innoteam of 3-6 members each

- consolidate the participants' green ideas and turn into team vision, situation analysis (Force Field Analysis) and Strategic Direction

- inspire participants to think about their personal development through this initiative

Experiential intent was about having open, candid dialogue and bonding among participants.

It was a challenging project as these 56 participants could change their team mix every minute. When they came up with 23 project ideas on day 1 morning and we only had 11 on-the-ground facilitators with various facilitation backgrounds (as some of us needed to be back up facilitators to handle ad hoc occasions), the fun began!

During 2 days, the facilitators learned to be extremely flexible. When he/she were lucky, he/she was facilitating one group consistently (and that just never happened). Most of the time, facilitators experienced their team missing 1-2 persons (who joined another group), adding on 1-2 persons, total group dissolved and went to different groups, simultaneously facilitating 2 groups together, turning from facilitating to coaching for the 1-person project so that they felt being taken care of, actively applying Non-violent communication in some situation : )

At the end of the day, 11 innoteams formed!

To us, it was a very valuable learning and practice experience. While we still had much to learn in terms of facilitation skills, total design and situation handling, we felt that we grew and bonded as a team!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Martin Farrell and Lawrence Philbrook . Without your profound inspiration, we did not even know where to begin, left alone how to handle flowing situation like this. Big thank you!

Kadoorie Centre of The University of Hong Kong
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