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Courage to Lead Study Group #2

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The 2nd Courage to Lead Study Group was led by our Chair Yvonne Yam. The backbone of our discussion was "focused conversation", and we used ORID as the framework. Another group of questions facilitated our discussion. We talked about the process of moving from "cultivating outward" (Chapter 6 - Inclusive Responsibility) to "growing inward" (reflecting on the experience of oneself).  We also explored the conflicting modes of "obligation" and "freedom" when we're in different roles. This helped us understand what it means to bear "responsibility" and to face our decisions.

Some asked, what does this book have to do with facilitation? As I read the book, I feel that it gives insights to developing the inner qualities of a leader. These insights can be applied to different leadership roles. Today, Yvonne also pointed out the importance of a facilitator's "self as instrument." Before we facilitate a dialogue within a group, we need to first have a deep inner dialogue. We need to be aware of the conflicts within our hearts so that we can empathize with the experience of others. This helps us to walk and learn with them.

Yvonne's guiding was full of life! We shared a lot of laughter, and the conversations enriched our hearts. What a day!


- Lilian



Courage to Lead Study Group #2

I need to thank Lawrence Philbrook and Shawn Chung for the inspiration during 2017 ICA Value Dialogue in Taiwan.  I was deeply touched by their sharing (and very very grateful!) and it was a milestone of my facilitator career. Because of their sharing of “Obligation-Freedom-Responsibility” Model, I had a clearer view of myself as the “socialised” being (in Robert Kegan’s term) and I felt liberated as I could choose “responsibility” with the understanding and ownership of the associated consequences.

Today I finally fulfilled my yearning of sharing this beautiful chapter with a group so that individuals had an inner dialogue.

Thank you Lilian Wang for being the buddy on this sharing journey.

I feel complete, for now.


- Yvonne 

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