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IAFHK Annual Lunch, AGM, and Fun & Contribution Planning Party

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In addition to officially launching our website, we also did various activities to start our new term. We had our AA Lunch, AGM, and our first ever Fun & Contribution Planning Party. We want to involve more people from diverse walks of life to join our co-creation process, and to plan what we can do in the coming year. So that we can together “build a better HK through meaningful dialogue.”

We all have a special bonding, a beautiful foundation built by our Founder Lilian. Yesterday, friends, new and old, joined us, and we had a hilarious time together. We talked about things we want to experiment in the new year. Some ideas were completely out of our expectations. We didn’t write up a formula for success, we’d rather test and try new things! We’re all really excited for the new year!

The focus of 2019 is to reach more people in the local community so to create more social impact.
Another focus is to deepen our reflection and understanding of the “why” behind the “how” of facilitation processes. This allows for us, as facilitators, to use “oneself as instrument”, to serve our clients, stakeholders and communities in various formats.


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