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JC COIL Hackathon for Sustainability, powered by IAFHK

JC COIL Hackathon for Sustainability, powered by IAFHK

Belief in people and process, setting the scene and letting creativity flow - dialogue as an art of thinking together was what inspired and touched me the most while supporting the facilitation of Hack for Sustainability yesterday at cyberport HK.

40+ participants with very diverse background met each other for the first time. They were asked to share what mattered the most to them, picked a problem area and then worked in small teams of 3-5 to design IT-related solutions/ prototype for carbon reduction in less than 6 hours. "Could the participants pull it off?”, this question had been lingering in our mind as we planned and put together the Hackathon design.

We were so delighted to see how the teams collaborated with curiosity, enthusiasm and creativity, and eventually came up with great ideas and high quality prototype in such a short period of time!!

Appreciate the great work and effort made by Chong Chan Yau, building on his previous experience of Hackathon, he has co-designed and led yesterday’s facilitation. And a heartfelt thank you to the JC COIL team’s trust, great organising effort and support to make the event successful and memorable.

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