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Learning Lab (Cantonese)- ICA Participatory Strategic Planning

Learning Lab (Cantonese)- ICA Participatory Strategic Planning

Very often facilitators are called in to design and guide a team/ organization for planning at a strategic level (mid to long term view, revisiting purpose and possibilities, uncovering and addressing recurring issues). The ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs) Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP) process provides powerful framework and tools to support that critical intervention.

IAF HK Chapter will be hosting our highly popular Learning Lab again, and the focus will be on the first two steps of PSP - Practical Visioning and Underlying Contradiction. With the learning lab, we aim to create a safe practice environment for facilitators, as well as a simulation-based learning experience for participants. You will be briefed on the case prior to the workshop, assigned a role to fully participate and experience the methodology, then guided by our host to debrief/ explore the facilitation process and tools. Prior knowledge of PSP is not necessary, and you will pick up some facilitation tips/ techniques for your next team meeting.

Language: Cantonese, supplemented by English if appropriate
Number of participants: 20 (Places will be allocated on first-come-first-served basis)
** NOTE: PSP is a sophisticated facilitation methodology, and ICA is offering 2-3 day’s training programme in HK and Taiwan. This event is NOT a training programme for PSP. However, through participating facilitation practice for PSP, we hope you can also pick up some ideas for your own meeting facilitation.

About the host - Lilian Wang

Lilian is IAFHK’s Founder. She is IAF Certified Professional Facilitator and Assessor.

Preston Training Center (Fortress Hill)

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