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2018 IAFHK Event Summary

2018 IAFHK Event Summary

We are grateful to have the massive support and contribution from all the IAFHK friends and fans, sharers from the local and international communities, and the Board Members to make things and changes happen.

2018 has been a year full of constant changes, we are delighted to have more friends and fans joining the sharing team. They have brought more energy and diversity to us. Collaboration with new communities has grown. We also had sharing sessions with more international facilitator communities. Big thank you to you all!

10 Local Events for and by IAFHK Friends and Fans

  • 8 Local Community Sharing and Practice
  • 2 Food For Thoughts - Intimate Casual Sharing

2 Community Collaboration

  • 1 Local Collaboration with Agile Hong Kong
  • 1 Local Community Project - Tech For Social -Impact - Hack for Good with Microsoft

5 International Sharing in person and via Zoom

  • Twice with IAF Singapore
  • Once in Japan at IAF Osaka Asia Conference
  • Once with IAF Malaysia
  • Once with IAF India

1 Social Gathering

List of events

  1. Feb 2 - [Local Community Project] - Tech For Social Impact - Hack for Good - partnered with Microsoft Philanthropies HK, powered by a team of IAFHK Facilitators to create innovative prototypes with 50 NGO leaders and IT experts and came up with 200+ ideas.
  2. Feb 10 - [Food For Thoughts - Intimate Casual Sharing] 當 Agile 遇上 Facilitation - by Steven Mak
  3. Mar 17 - [Local Community Sharing] 促導X現象探索-捕捉孕育中的未來/趨勢 Emerging Trend X Facilitation by Monica Siu and Nicolas Wai
  4. Apr 7 - [Local Community Sharing] 解放結構,釋放創意 Liberating Structure - by Lilian Wang
  5. Apr 18 - [International Sharing] Facilitating Change - Adult Development Theory, by Yvonne Yam @IAF Singapore Food For Thoughts
  6. Apr 23 - [International Sharing] - Facilitating Change - Adult Development Theory, by Yvonne Yam @IAF India Zoom Webinar
  7. May 5 - [Food For Thoughts - Intimate Casual Sharing] Meaningful Dialogue at Corporate, by Rita Chan
  8. May 25 - [Local Community Sharing] Systems Thinking - powered by Facilitators, by Ivan Huang from Taiwan
  9. Jul 21 - [International Sharing] Don’t just do something, stand there! - by Lilian Wang @ IAF Singapore IAF Connect
  10. Jul 21 - [Local Community Sharing] Working with Differences: Facilitate Heart Connection and Creativity 促導 X 非暴力溝通 by Chi Hin Cheong
  11. Aug 18 - [Local Community Sharing] From Conflict to Collaboration - A Helicopter View - Local Hong Kong Face to Face Session, by Lilian Wang and Yvonne Yam
  12. Aug 29 - [Local Collaboration] 如何引導一個有人性的Retrospective Meeting - Amy Chan, Lowene Chan, and Steven Mak, with Agile HK
  13. Sep 8 - [International Sharing] From Conflict to Collaboration - A Helicopter View - Hybrid Session at IAF Osaka Asia Conference, by Lilian Wang and Yvonne Yam
  14. Sep 14 - [Local Community Sharing] Life Dynamics Behind ToP Facilitation Methods - by Barbara Mackay from Canada
  15. Sep 22- [Local Community Sharing] Zooming in Your Life - by Rita Chan and Amy Chan
  16. Dec 8 - [Local Community Practice] Learning Lab - Practice ICA Participatory Strategic Planning by Lilian Wang
  17. Dec 19 - [International Sharing] IAF Malaysia Chapter Zoom Webinar - Riding the Helicopter - Client Engagement with an Integral View - by Lilian Wang and Yvonne Yam
  18. Dec 26 - [Local - Social Gathering] Merry Xmas Hiking at Shing Mun Reservoir - by Lowene Chan

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