IAFHK Board Retreat

With our purpose “Building Better HK through meaningful dialogue”, IAFHK Board had our retreat to review and align our strategies way forward.


One major re-focus of our direction is to “enable members and communities to contribute to the HK society”- using facilitation as a tool. We aim to attract people from diverse backgrounds, across-domains, professional facilitators and lay-persons who would like to

IAF Facilitation Impact Award!

Great News! IAFHK team just won the IAF Facilitation Impact Award: Platinum Award for our Shaw College project!  The Platinum Award is the highest honor for organizations from all around the world that have used facilitation to achieve a measurable and positive impact as well as the facilitator(s) who worked with them. IAFHK is also the first Platinum Awardee from Asia in the Award history. 

Courage to Lead Study Group #2

The 2nd Courage to Lead Study Group was led by our Chair Yvonne Yam. The backbone of our discussion was "focused conversation", and we used ORID as the framework. Another group of questions facilitated our discussion. We talked about the process of moving from "cultivating outward" (Chapter 6 - Inclusive Responsibility) to "growing inward" (reflecting on the experience of oneself).  We also explored the conflicting modes of "obligation" and "freedom" when we're in different roles. This helped us understand what it means to bear "responsibility" and to face our decisions.

流動共學 與 國際促導員協會香港分會 合辦:【尋根扣問+促導】工作坊:「人口老化」是誰的問題?

(Chinese Only)

【流動共學 (MC) 與國際促導員協會香港分會 (IAFHK) 合辦】尋根扣問 + 促導 (Radical Questioning x Facilitation) 工作坊:「人口老化」是誰的問題? “Ageing Population” - whose problem is it?
【報名連結】http://bit.ly/Ageing_Facilitation_2019  (以填寫報名表格為準,填寫後將會收到確認電郵)


Facilitating for the Community of Zuo Jhen

Saturday 26th January had been a very busy day for the IAFHK team in 3 locations. While Chan Yau, Candice and Lilian were at Cyberport conducting Hack 4 Sustainability, Rita and Amy were facilitating another event. At the same time, I was following the footsteps of Lawrence (Larry) Philbrook, Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook and Professor Betty Chang from National Cheng Kung University (國立成功大學)to Zuo Jhen 左鎮.

I’d like to share about how facilitation has been massively applied in community development and dialogue.

IAFHK Annual Lunch, AGM, and Fun & Contribution Planning Party

In addition to officially launching our iaf-hk.org website, we also did various activities to start our new term. We had our AA Lunch, AGM, and our first ever Fun & Contribution Planning Party. We want to involve more people from diverse walks of life to join our co-creation process, and to plan what we can do in the coming year. So that we can together “build a better HK through meaningful dialogue.”

Courage to Lead Study Group #1


Our aim for 2019 is to “broaden our reach” and “go in-depth”. We’re doing outreaches to different communities, so that more can participate in our events and have a taste of facilitation.

This time, we are co-organizing a Study Group with Mobile Co-learning Classroom. Lilian Wang, our Founding Chair, led us into an ORID process. We reviewed our lives and asked our minds and hearts, what does it mean to “say yes to realities?”